Affinity Arts (Make it RIght! Peace T-shirts)
Affinity Arts (Make it RIght! Peace T-shirts)

Make It Right! Peace T-shirts is proud to participate again in the Common Ground Country Fair!

A new greatly expanded line of designs will continue to have the mission of inspiring reflection, conversation and action towards peace, all under a new brand called...

'TOGETHER: We Are The Sign Of Peace', because the more urgent peace and sustainability becomes the more we need to 'Be the Peace!' 

We can Make it Right! because, TOGETHER: We Are The Sign Of Peace!

There is even an additional new line of designs called 'LIVE ON', created to promote surviving and thriving beyond the challenges that face our world. A companion LIVE ON Blog features educational writings on myriad subjects related to peace. Additional writings can be found on our Facebook site, while Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube, aim at furthering the message of uniting to create peace.



Make it Right! Peace T-shirts, are now part of a larger line of peace designs by Stephen Oliver of Affinity Arts, in Bridgton Maine. The new line is called TOGETHER: We Are The Sign Of Peace! You will find many new designs and updated classics like 'Make it Right!, Give Peace, and Know Justice Know Peace'. Enjoy our presence in the 2020 Common Ground Fair and please visit the dynamic new website, LIVE ON blog, and social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Check out Stephen's Common Ground Fair Story too!

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Minimum quantity for "UNITE! in Love and LIVE ON! T-shirt" is 1.

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'Make it Right! ', the original design that started 'Make it Right!' Peace T-shirts, has been updated and become part of a line called 'TOGETHER: We Are...
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Minimum quantity for "Make it Right! (TOGETHER: We Are The Sign Of Peace) T-shirt" is 1.