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This spring, Maine Solar Solutions celebrated 8-years as your local solar installer! Our company is built around its people – so it is no surprise during these 2920 days around the sun, our team has empowered over 600 homeowners, farms, and businesses to make the switch to solar.

Our locally owned company, designs, procures, installs, and services solar electric systems all over the state. We have a great group of individuals who care about their work, the environment, and continuously strive to produce the highest quality product and service for our fellow Mainers.

There are so many reasons to be grateful for being part of Maine's solar industry, and we wanted to share a few of our favorite reasons below:  

Copy%20of%20Photography%20Studio%20Etsy%REDUCING YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT 

It is no secret that Maine is a beautiful place to call home, whether it be year-round or your home in the summer months. Much of Maine's economy relies on our rocky coasts, breathtaking mountains, abundant forests, and clean rivers and streams. Solar power reduces pollution and protects not only our environment but our economy and way of life. 

When the average American household switches to solar energy, around five metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions are offset each year–the equivalent of 5,335 pounds of coal not burned. Solar energy is the perfect way to reduce the atmosphere-damaging carbon dioxide emissions from your property. Mainer's choosing energy dependence are protecting Maine's natural resources for future generations to enjoy. 

Copy%20of%20Photography%20Studio%20Etsy%SOLAR SAVES MONEY
The cost of electricity has gone up by an average of 3% annually in Maine, while solar prices continue to fall. Solar panels are an investment, of course, but most customers will recoup the initial cost in 7-9 years. Once that investment pays for itself, you'll be left with the means to produce electricity for your home, farm, or business to a fixed minimum monthly charge. You can even earn a significant portion of the solar investment in year one thanks to incentives like the 26% Solar Investment Tax Credit (which is declining in 2022!). We also offer solar loans for no money down for people who've wanted to go solar but found upfront price an obstacle. By going solar, you take control of ever-increasing electricity rates and fix your electricity cost for years to come.

Copy%20of%20Photography%20Studio%20Etsy%SOLAR PANELS LAST FOR DECADES

Nothing we buy for our buildings and homes will last forever; however, the amount of time solar panels last usually surprises our customers. 

Solar panel manufacturers guarantee with a warranty that their panels will produce a certain amount of power for 25+ years. But keep in mind that this doesn't mean your system will suddenly stop producing free electricity after a couple of decades or when the warranty runs out. Many solar panels can go on to churn out clean energy beyond thirty years or more! The longer your solar panels last, the longer they will produce free electricity, protect the environment, and save you money. 

Copy%20of%20Photography%20Studio%20Etsy%BOOSTING MAINE'S ECONOMY

Maine Solar Solutions started as a team of 2, and we have since grown to to a group of 24! All of our hires have been local talent right here in Maine. Meaning, we live work and play in the same communities as you! Solar jobs are not only positively impacting the workforce in Maine, but all over the United States. By participating, you enable local, clean power development, and job creation right here in Maine.

If you are ready to learn more about solar at your property, you can schedule a free, no obligations site assessment here

If you're not ready for a quote just yet, but you would like to learn more about solar, a good starting point is spending a few minutes browsing our Solar FAQS page, reading our blogs, or browsing the helpful links below. 

WEBINARS: New to the solar process? Check out some of our webinars that give a great overview, but please do not hesitate to call us with questions. View webinars

SOLAR GRANTS: The Rural Energy for America Program, or better known as the REAP Grant, provides grant funding to rural small businesses and agricultural producers across the United States, to be used for implementing renewable energy systems or improving overall energy efficiency. Maine Solar Solutions will provide grant assistance to you, making the application process far more manageable, and at no extra cost should you contract with us as your solar installer. Learn more here.


We look forward to continuing to work with our community as we enable
the transformation to renewable energy for all Mainers!


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