Peggy Clark Lumpkins, Paintings
Peggy Clark Lumpkins, Paintings

I have spent my life as an artist depicting things from nature. Either the fine details of lichen, flowers, birds and bugs or the shapes and colors of the wider natural landscape of Maine.  Nature strikes me as a whimsical being and I try to show her as such.

I work in oil paints and have original oil paintings, notecards, posters, calendars, and giclee prints, both framed and unframed for sale at and at

We live in the middle of a big organic garden and maintain a small carbon footprint by working from home and growing a lot of food and subjects for painting.  I use recycled materials whenever possible for packaging.  I use local printers to make my prints for me, and all my frames are made in the garden woodshop from local wood.  We use museum glass and archival mats in my framed prints.

My paintings show a love of the natural world in hopes of spreading that love and inspiring others to take a closer, longer look at nature.